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The Advanced Rider Program


Advanced Rider Program

The Advanced Rider Program (ARP) is a leasing program specifically designed to offer *Advanced Riders the opportunity to lease from a pool of more higly trained horses with experience in different disciplines. The Advanced Rider Program (ARP) allows unstructured riding time without an instructor present. Instruction is not a requirement in the Advanced Rider Program(ARP) although it is available. ARP members may go on trails with others or ride in rings or on the property as they wish twice per week. A seven month lease agreement applies to horses in the Advanced Rider Program (ARP).

*Advanced Riders are considered to be proficient at the walk, trot, and canter. Advanced Riders may come from a variety of equine backgrounds such as US Pony Club C2+, Dressage, Fox Hunting, Showing, Intercollegiate Competitions, Eventing, Pleasure Riding or former horse owners. There is an assumed higher level of stable management knowledge as well as the ability to tack up and care for horses and equipment properly.

ARP Rates (2020):

*Advanced Rider Program (ARP) - a mini-lease program for more advanced riders capable of independently riding green horses to come and ride on their own twice a week.

ARP Rates (2020):

  • Advanced Rider Program (ARP) evaluation ride $70
  • Advanced Rider Program (ARP) lease per month (2 rides per week) $350
  • Advanced Rider Program (ARP) Spring/Fall maintenance fee $100 every 6 months

Lessons for ARP Students are available. The above rates do not include instructor fees.

Instruction Fees

Instruction is an additional cost seperate from the Pony pool fees which is paid directly to the instructor. The fee for lessons is not included in the Pony Pool Fee. Lesson fees are set by individual instructors.

Use of Horses

  • Missed rides cannot be made up. There is no Prorating of ARP fees.
  • Horses may not be jumped unless in a riding lesson.
  • Horses may not be trail ridden unless accompanied by a guide.
  • Friends of ARP riders are not eligible to ride as it is prohibited by insurance.

  • Equipment

  • Saddles and Bridles are provided.
  • Riders must purchase and launder their own saddle pads.
  • Boots with heels and ASTM Approved hard hats are required.
  • Riders need to get their own grooming equipment (brushes, picks and towels).
  • Riders are responsible to care for tack by cleaning it and conditioning it after each use.
  • It is permissible to use your own saddle providing it properly fits the horse.
  • Scheduling

    ARP members are free to schedule their own rides, provided it does not conflict with already scheduled rides. For example, you may not ride a horse someone has already signed up for on the same day. If there is a problem scheduling a horse an instructor or stable management will be glad to help you find a suitable replacement. There is a board in the barn where riders and instructors can write down which horses are being used each week.

    Lessons missed due to inclimate weather will be made up based on the availibility of the instructors and horses. Missed independent rides need to be made up within the same week - rides may not roll over into the following week(s).