Angelica Run Farm
Vienna, Virginia
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Angelica Run Farm is a beautiful 30 acre farm tucked in the heart of Vienna, VA - right off of Hunter Mill Road.

The farm is equipped with a spacious, well lit shed row barn with adequately sized stalls.

Jones checks out the maresHorses are turned out in two gender appropriate herds - both fields with plenty of room to run and grass to eat! Each field has fresh water troughs heated in winter, salt licks, tree coverage and run-in sheds for shade, and small creeks for that open country feel.


Ring-time is only shared by boarders and mini-leasers, so with two rings and a round pen finding somewhere to ride is never an issue. We have four independent instructors all with diverse and professional backgrounds with whome you may inquire for training and lessons. Angelica Run Farm also allows boarders to take lesson from their own personal instructors. Our farm is great for both pleasure riders and those in competition. With our easy-going atmosphere, helpful staff, and friendly boarders/riders, it's easy to feel at home at Angelica Run Farm.

...All 18 hands of him!
***Full Care Includes:
  • 2x day feeding & hay (3x hay in winter)
  • Supplements Fed as needed
  • Refreshed water daily
  • Daily cleaning of stalls
  • Blanketing
  • Daily turn out
  • Spring-Summer: In during the day/Out at night
  • Fall-Winter: Out during the day/In at night)

Newly Renovated!!

***Indoor Amenities:
  • Lights in each stall
  • Hot & Cold water
  • Heated and Air Conditioned tack room - with room
    for saddle, bridle, and tack trunk storage
  • Bathroom
  • Plenty of parking and storage for trailers
  • Refrigerator
  • Multiple outlets - for stall fans and every day use
  • Locked feed rooms
  • Well lit grooming stall
  • Multiple areas to cross tie; with bridle hooks and saddle racks at each

***Outdoor Amenities:
  • Large, well lit, permaflex dressage ring
  • Large, well lit, sand jump ring(Pictured above) - with a
    vast variety of poles and standards
  • Well lit 64' sand round pen
  • Even terrain perfect for field work - flat and jumping.
  • Cross Country jumps(coops, logs, etc.) in fields.
  • Direct access to miles of trails on the W&OD Bike
  • Trail - including Clark's Crossing!
  • Wash rack with rubber matting
  • Small paddocks for horses recovering from injuries

Price: $725/month (we do not offer self-care or rough board)